Open the Jar

   Welcome to Spread the Relish. This site has a simple goal. Provide a subscription based service that enables Daily Fantasy Players to become more consistent in their winning. We look to help provide a structure in this increasingly ever volatile world of Daily Fantasy Sports. Spread the Relish believes, in the time of a You Economy, there is no reason you can’t utilize Daily Fantasy Sports in getting back from life what you put in.
   Can we afford to spend 10-25 hours on our “hobbies?” I know I can’t that’s why Daily Sports aren’t my hobby. It’s my part time job. It’s that thing I find time and energy to do even after a 10 hour plus workday in the “real” world. This site is geared not only to help you find that time but cut out over priced, unnecessary resources.
    I still dream. I think Daily Fantasy could help me finance some of those dreams. If you feel the same lets invest together. Our money, energy and time. Let’s go dream chasing. Thank You for joining we look forward to the continued success of every individual member.