San Francisco 49er’s


They overpaid Jimmy G to be the face of the franchise

The degree of difficulty will be raised for Garoppolo, who’s 7-0 in the NFL as a starter, with duels against Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers and Kirk Cousins.

They say they have a favorable schedule I disagree. They already see the Rams and Seahawks twice. Not to mention the 3 best teams in the NFC North.  They visit the Bucs, Chiefs, Vikings and Packers outside the division.

They lost Carlos Hyde and the run game is a bit suspect. I like new addition J. McKinnon. He’s tough and talented. My worry is can he be a 3 down back? He most definitely is the most talented RB in the 49er’s backfield should start.

The Backfield X-factor here is Juszczy. He got paid and will be utilized the question is how cute does Shanahan get with the offense? He could very well be a sneaky flex week 1.

Dante Pettis is a return specialist but with the likes of Goodwin(underwhelming) and Garcon (aging)could could prove viable.

Keep an eye on Richie James Jr. and Steve Dunbar Jr. as one of them should crack the roster and be quasi productive